The Company

Sankarsa Restuchemie offers a wide range of water treatment chemicals for Boiler, Cooling Tower, Chiller, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Coal additive and Cleaning Chemical in the Indonesian region

The Company was established in 1988 as an exclusive agent of CV. Nikisa Rana, Product which is formulated and blended in Indonesia, while approximately 70% the raw material imported from suitable quality of the raw material producers.

Sankarsa Restuchemie is supported by the extensive resources, combined experience and skill strength of the principal organizations. The company specializes in handling water treatment chemical from Small up to Higher customer utilized the system that should used water treatment chemicals.

By offering unequalled expertise and superior services, PT. Sankarsa Restuchemie is dedicated to become the leading water treatment chemical company of its type in the Indonesian region.


PT. Sankarsa Restuchemie is backed by the extensive resources of its principal organizations:

GILDA PUTRA GEMILANG – Blending Plant Facilities. Jl. Wibawa Mukti II Jatisari, Jatiasih Bekasi 17425

Operation Support

To back up a success program of water treatment chemicals in the system, a various subject should well prepared and on time schedule. Technical Department has a following subject to do services:

  • Laboratorium facilities for water analyses
  • Chemical Pump for descaler
  • Screw Machine for condenser tube cleaner
  • Jet Sprayer for cleaning a Cooling Tower
  • Transportation for delivery the goods
  • Skilled manpower
  • Skilled staff for solving a field problem

Management Profiles

Along with Managing Director, Mr. Supriatna Kartam, the Technical Manager, Supervisor and Technical Support, providing considerable experience with expertise and ensuring the highest level of services to the client.

SUPRIATNA KARTAM – Managing Director
SRIE SURTI – President Commisary
GIGIH BUDI ABADI – Sales & Marketing Head

Curriculum Vitae of Mr. SUPRIATNA KARTAM


Mr. Supriatna has 30 years experience in the selling and services of water treatment chemical, as Managing Director of the company he is responsible for the development of company business plant and controls the scope of the company’s business activities.

Mr. Supriatna has a significant record of experience in water treatment chemicals, he has served as:

  • Sales Director, Dukem Chemical, Indonesia Product
  • Sales Manager, Drew Ameroid, U.S.A Product
  • Asst. Sales Manager, Ecolab Chemical, U.S.A Product
  • Technical Rep, Diversey Chemical, Singapore Product

Mr.Supriatna first job as an operator for handling water treatment chemicals, of Boiler, Cooling Tower, Chiller and Softener Plant in Hotel Borobudur Inter Continental and Sahid Jaya Hotel. He served water treatment skill with Ecolab and Drew Ameroid Chem Singapore, gaining experience in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sea water desalination, clarifier, fuel oil treatment and softener plant.